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When it comes to maintaining and repairing your vehicle, one important component that often goes overlooked is the flywheel. The flywheel is a crucial part of your car or truck’s engine, as it helps to store energy and regulate the engine’s speed. If your flywheel is damaged or worn out, it can cause serious problems with your vehicle’s performance. If you’re a mechanic or car enthusiast looking for high-quality flywheel parts and castings, look no further than SND. As a trusted supplier of automotive parts and components, we offer a wide range of flywheel parts and castings for all types of cars and trucks.

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Casting Material:
Ductile iron: QT450-10/ QT500-7/ QT600-10/ QT700-8/ QT800-6
Grey iron: HT200/ HT250/ HT300
Steel, iron and most non-ferrous alloy castings can be done by sand casting.

Casting Process: No-bake Resin sand/Coated sand/Clay / green sand/Lost Foam Casting.

Machining Equipment: CNC Lathe, CNC Machining Center, EDM, Drilling/ Milling Machine, etc.

Finish: Sand Blasting, Zinc Plating, H.D. Galvanizing, Spray-Paint, Passivating, Polishing, Electrophoresis, Machining, etc.

Detecting Capability: Compaction ratio analysis, Mud content test, Sand mold analysis, Melting point test for sand, Spectral analysis, Analysis of C&S, Thermal analysis, Metallographic analysis, Ultrasonic testing, Endoscope detect, Magnetic particle inspection, 3D scan size detection.

Dimension Inspection: CMM, Projection Machine, Calipers, Height Gauge, Micrometer Calipers, Inside Caliper Gauge, Angle and R Gauge, customized gauge, etc.

Casting parts: Engine cylinder block, cylinder head, crankshaft and other castings of automobiles are all produced by clay green sand casting process. OEM Iron Casting Parts for Tractor.

Product application: Automobile, railway, construction, mining, agricultural machinery, mining machinery, petroleum machinery, engineering machinery, ship, building, etc.

Sample production cycle: Sample development cycle ≤ 15 days.

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