About Us

Ceramcast Expert by Your Side

Shengnada New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is specialized in sand foundry business for many years. We have been supplying ceramic sand for foundry and the metal castings in materials cast iron, steel, stainless steel, aluminum etc.

Company Profile

To mastering ceramic sand and become the expert on the foundry industry, SND continually committed to production R&D, quality control and the application on all kinds of sand foundry process. During the developing, we built the province level lab and fully equipped quality control room, have two co-invest casting plants and rich experiences on RCS, Cold box, 3D printing, No-bake resin etc. foundry process. Responsibility, Pragmatism, Professional have always been our working attitude. Creating a glory century enterprise is our mission. Our team is strong in R&D, practice experiences, efficiency, high quality control and service. Our reputation and reliability are solid, thanks to customer feedbacks and their returning for more business.


Our Story

At the beginning, when we introduced our ceramic sand to the foundries, most people asked "Are you a sand salesman? How much?","Ok, I know, pls go."

When we exchanged with counterparts “How about the ceramic sand application? ”, generally reply “Who know it, we just sale the sand. ” “We are not the foundry man, pls just do yourself”.

Ok, if you don’t understand your own ceramic sand, how could you introduce to others? How other ppl can know it and use it? Who could bear the loss if any wrong application?

So, I telling everyone in my team member that “You must understand your ceramic sand! You must know what’s his properties? How application? What’s the castings change when they meet ceramic sand? Reduce how much cost for foundry? Where is the green foundry?”

When clients asked “Who are you?”  You can confident reply: We are the Ceracast Expert by your side!

Why Choose Us

For quite proficient at our ceramic sand, we learn all kinds of the foundry sands and foundry business technology, compared all kinds of Ceramic sands from China and Japanese Cerabeads. Testing and researching all kinds of sand processes in laboratory. Practice and work in various of foundries, attend and exchange on seminars…

For further master ceramic sand application on castings, we co-invest 3D sand printers to Liugong foundry in 2021, 2022 we cooperated with “Lihai Casting” for castings manufacturing. Next plan, we would like to building one complete automation and high-end casting factory with full ceramic sand process.

Now our ceramic sand has been successfully used in Resin coated sand process, cold box process, Furan resin sand process, Alkali phenolic resin sand process, 3D sand printing, water-glass process, green sand process, lost foam process.

Our Vision

Green Sand, Green Foundry!

Our Mission

Committed to creating high-quality products and service, creating a century enterprise trusted by customers, respected by society, the most valuable and internationally influential.

Work Attitude

Responsibility Pragmatism Professional

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