Household Appliance Casting Part Refrigerator Compressor Accessories Cylinder Block

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Item:Home appliance casting part Refrigerator compressor accessories
Application area: OEM Home Appliance sand Casting Parts, find details and price about home Appliance sand Casting from SND.
All kinds of casting parts for home appliance, such as refrigerator, air conditioner, washing machine etc.

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Specification:OEM production according to customer's drawing or sample.
Casting Weight:0.1KG-5000KG
Casting Standard:ISO, DIN, AISI, ASTM, BS, JIS, EN, AS etc.
Casting Tolerance:CT7-CT8.
Surface Roughness:Ra0.05-Ra50
Heat Treatment:Normalizing, Annealing, Quenching, Tempering, etc.

Casting Material:
Ductile iron: QT450-10/ QT500-7/ QT600-10/ QT700-8/ QT800-6
Grey iron: HT200/ HT250/ HT300
Steel, iron and most non-ferrous alloy castings can be done by sand casting
Casting Process:No-bake Resin sand/Coated sand/Clay / green sand/Lost Foam Casting
Machining Equipment:CNC Lathe, CNC Machining Center, EDM, Drilling/ Milling Machine, etc.
Finish:Sand Blasting, Zinc Plating, H.D. Galvanizing, Spray-Paint, Passivating, Polishing, Electrophoresis, Machining, etc.
Detecting Capability: Compaction ratio analysis, Mud content test, Sand mold analysis, Melting point test for sand, Spectral analysis, Analysis of C&S, Thermal analysis, Metallographic analysis, Ultrasonic testing, Endoscope detect, Magnetic particle inspection, 3D scan size detection.
Dimension Inspection: CMM, Projection Machine, Calipers, Height Gauge, Micrometer Calipers, Inside Caliper Gauge, Angle and R Gauge, customized gauge, etc.
Casting parts: Engine cylinder block, cylinder head, crankshaft and other castings of automobiles are all produced by clay green sand casting process. OEM Iron Casting Parts for Tractor 
Product application: Automobile, railway, construction, mining, agricultural machinery, mining machinery, petroleum machinery, engineering machinery, ship, building, etc.
Sample production cycle: Sample development cycle ≤ 15 days.

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Introducing SND's high-quality home appliance casting parts - the perfect solution for all your manufacturing needs! Our products come in all shapes and sizes to cater to every requirement of the modern-day consumer. From essential parts for household appliances like refrigerators, air conditioners, and washing machines, we offer a vast range of casting parts that can be customized to your needs.

When it comes to home appliances, quality is paramount. Our casting parts are perfect for OEM manufacturers who are looking to create products that are built to last. Our parts are made from the finest materials and undergo rigorous quality checks to ensure that they meet industry standards. We understand that every part is critical, and each one has to be perfect. That's why we take such care in producing each part to meet the exact specifications of our clients.

At SND, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with the best value for money. We work hard to ensure that we offer the most competitive prices on the market without compromising on quality. As a result, we have established ourselves as a preferred supplier of casting parts to many leading manufacturers in the household appliance industry.

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